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Ghana Tourist Board to promote domestic tourism
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Source: Peace Fm Online

The Ghana Tourist Board (GTB) is to embark on an aggressive drive to promote domestic tourism in the country.

The GTB has therefore appealed to parents to encourage their children, especially those in the secondary schools, to patronize tourist sites to enable them not only to have fun but to also learn more about the country’s history.

Mr William Agambire, Northern Regional Director of GTB, told the GNA in an interview that to make tourism attractive and affordable, students and Ghanaians in general would be made to pay a token when they visit tourist sites unlike foreigners.

He mentioned some of the interesting tourist sites in the north such as the Mole National Park, the Larabanga Mosque and the mysterious stone, the Daboya smock industry and the Kulmasa crocodile pond.

He said it was regrettable that most of the tourist sites in the region were not in good shape and therefore unattractive to tourists.

Mr Agambire appealed to the government to tar the Larabanga road leading to the game reserve to make it motorable and comfortable for foreign tourists who visit the place.

Mr Agambire said the GTB was repacking tourism in northern Ghana as a Savannah destination point and in this regard it was giving a facelift to the tourist sites and also improving upon services.

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