About Back To Ghana Project

Are you a Ghanaian living or studying overseas and looking for new job or business opportunities in Ghana?

Do you want to return to Ghana and don't know how or where you will fit in?

Do you have interests in working or starting up in Ghana?

If you answered yes to any of these three questions, Backtoghana.com is the place to find your answers.

Did you know that the government of Ghana invested $2.5billion in road developments for 2011 alone?

The World Bank has projected Ghana to be the fastest growing economy in Sub-Saharan Africa. For many years there has been much talk about 'brain drain' and its dangers to the Ghanaian economy but so far relatively little has been done to inhibit or reverse this trend.

At the Garage48 event in Accra held at the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre for Excellence in ICT, a team of six developers, marketers and business developers stepped up to address this problem. Back-to-Ghana is the gateway to cause this change and bring them home. Ghanaian overseas or other foreign nationals with interests in working in Ghana can find businesses that suit them.

We asked Sherrie Thompson who is a marketing research expert and the founder of Africa Solutions about the 'brain drain' situation in Ghana she thinks about the brain strain in Ghana presently.

"I really believe what we have in our society is not a problem of only 'brain drain' but also 'brain strain'.'Brain strain' is the inability of a society to utilize the well trained people in the diasporas back into their society and I think a project like backtoghana.com addresses the issues nationals overseas face when they wish to return home. For every 10 brains that go out, there is one equal one well trained national who has excellent skill and training. The problem foreign nationals face is that they do not have enough information on the opportunities available for them or the resources available to be comfortably reincorporated into the society."

The increasing number of successful people will never be returned to Ghana if we do not tackle Ghana's brain drain.

Your knowledge can be realized also in Ghana. If you are ambitious and interested in Ghana, sign up here then come and achieve in Ghana!.
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